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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 19, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> and i am wisdom martin. tony has the morning off. it is the first day of school for some people. >> i know. for me, i don't know, summertime means less running around and scheduling. i am with most of the kids. this day could come a little later. in the meantime, folks up, tucker barnes joining us and what the kids are going to face at it is bus stop. no rain, please, today. >> allison, more importantly less traffic. >> exactly. people are nicer in the summertime. >> they are. little bit of fog south and west. mostly cloudy conditions. little warmer than yesterday. highs near 80s. nice and cool, reagan national. 62 dulles, bw marshal 63. dulles reporting fog. we have had widespread fog south
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and west of the city early this morning, manassas, front royal, winchester, you guys have been dealing with reduced visibsibi y visibiliti visibilities. it will be a mostly cloudy day, some of the shower activity into southern virginia, some of that will sneak in later today. we'll have scattered showers in the forecast. upper level low associated with storm system from yesterday. we were not quite done with the rain threat but bright sunshine by tomorrow. plenty of clouds, few showers. highs in the low 80s. you may see little sunshine as well. lots more on the weather coming up, let's do traffic with julie wright. >> all right. tucker, coming through the fog, northbound along route 5 slowing out of brandy wine headed to 22 miles per hour.
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no issues coming out of clinton headed for beltway. 28th street and southwest, fire activity. by the time you hit gaithersburg 57 miles an hour headed for the split. topside of the beltway, outer loop looks great. no issues leaving 270 headed to college park. outer loop starting to slow. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> julie, thank you very much. school bell rings for hundreds of thousands of students in the greater d.c. area, first day back for prince george and faulkner, virginia, morgan county in west virginia. >> also starting new ceo, heading up an aggressive agenda, reaching out to the youngest of students.
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"fox 5 morning news" melanie is live with more. mel, good morning. happy first day back to school >> reporter: that's right, allison. the bell is going to be ringing in an hour and 15 minutes, 8:15 is when the bell rings. we have seen staff arriving and flipping on the lights for the first time. county executive baker went to the legislature and asked them to give him accountability being able to appoint what they call a ceo instead of superintendent of the school system and new hybrid school board, 650 new teachers, yes, as you mentioned this new program will bring full day pre-kindergarten to four year old students. this is part of a transforming
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neighborhoods initiative extending work done to prevent crime. the neighborhoods are east river dale, blaten'sburg, langley park. program costs 7 million dollars. the initiative connects at-risk students. let's talk about the new ceo, dr. kevin maxwell. he comes from an rondo county. he grew up in prince george county. he still lives in prince george's county. he was assistant principal and administrator. his wife is retired from prince george schools and has kids that went to prince george's schools.
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he is well acquainted with the challenges he will be facing here in the school system. he does say he plans to stick around a while. you may remember, allison, prince george's county has had such a turn over, five superintendents in the last 10 years. maxwell says his goal is to stick around for at least eight to ten years. we'll have him live in the next hour. >> thank you, melanie. the trial begins for the man charged with murdering teen vanessa fan. >> sarah is back with the details. >> allison and wisdom, murder of vanessa fam went understand solved for two years. julio garcia is charged with the
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murder back in june 2010. investigators say he was high on pcp and became enraged when fam took a wrong turn. surveillance video shows her car leaving the scene. defense team says court documents tainted the case. they gave details about the police investigation and autopsy. judge ruled case will move forward a little over a week ago. they have also allowed cameras inside the courtroom for the first time in 20 years. jury selection will begin today. trial itself is expected to last two weeks, allison and wisdom. definitely, we'll be watching closely. cameras in the courtroom. it is going on the next couple of weeks. very tragic story we all remember covering. very interesting. >> thank you.
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also happening today, a big development in the gift scandal involving virginia governor bob mcdonald. attorneys will meet with federal prosecutors and try to convince them the couple should not be charged. at issue is whether the couple lobbied star scientific while receiving thousands of dollars in gifts and money. the governor has paid back $120,000 in loans received from the company. >> also making head lines, stand off between firefighters and volunteer firefighters is expected to come to head. >> four career firefighters be staffed on each ambulance. morning side department opted for even though they acknowledge
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staffing the ambulance around the clock is a challenge. morning side crew plans to take ambulance to the battalion chief asking him to redeploy it else wear. they believe it would impact the safety of the community. >> massive wild fire near two idaho areas. fire has been burning for two weeks. it is about 9% contained. >> oscar pistorius has been indict d for murder. prosecutors say oscar pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend .
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>> in egypt, nationwide clashes left 900 people dead. officials fired tear gas. >> in sinai, 24 police killed by militants. daily attacks since president morsi was ousted in a coo. they are not calling it a coo because they would end all u.s. aid. >> president obama returned to washington. he is scheduled to attend a private economic meeting at the white house. >> speaking of the white house, it was the setting for the nation's newest summer block
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 you're o♪ ♪meout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. >> isn't she the prettiest student ever? good morning to you, that is diana gab rielle. that is her back to school selfies. i hope it is a great first day back, too. >> just a reminder, high school
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students headed back to school. we want to see more of those pictures. >> is it just high school? >> we want to see your back to school selfies. you may find yourself on fox morning news. >> i can't get it yet. you have to go like, we need to get, how do you do it? >> what is the best selfie angle? >> i had a great head of hair. >> where do you fall?
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>> oldest. >> definitely there are pictures of you. we were the super swans. we will beat your team and lose gracefully. >> buses back, allison for you. >> everybody else in the front. >> we learned earlier, they don't have to wear seat belts. >> temperatures in the low to mid 60s, up near 80 this afternoon. little bit of sunshine from time to time. definitely a cloudy day with a few showers developing particularly this afternoon. 66 washington, 65 in annapolis.
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we are going to noticeably warm it up by tomorrow afternoon. there is your satellite radar, a lot of showers in southern virginia down into the care loi carolinas. that will give us threat of showers. bring your umbrella. upper 80s near 90s, monday, tuesday, wednesday, more humidity. by friday, we'll have a cool front. >> i would like to say good morning to the bus drivers. there job can't be that easy. be safe on the roads. we honor and appreciate you especially if you are carrying my children. >> it is true.
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i did end of the county party for them in june. just to know you have other people's children in your hands. hats off to you. be careful, slow down and keep your eyes open for the yellow buses. >> no issues to report leaving staffo stafford, still congested. lanes open on the beltway and outer loop, lanes open leaving college park headed around 270. the clicker is not working. you'll find yourself before and after 109. no issues german town headed to the split. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you. >> the mavs had a traumatic
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weekend. >> time to check with sports junkies from 106.9>> . >> >> tucker and i are going to crash the party. >> what a nightmare. [laughter]. >> all right. look, big pre-season game. we know how pre-season is. bicari rambo? >> it was an emphasis in the draft. ify first game, penalty or two, chris johnson embarrassed him. also the other guy in secondary
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is the corner nc state david amorson. >> you mentioned rambo, he is a young guy. you expect him to make mistakes rather than in week 1 against the eagles. >> remember rambo was a sixth round pick. issues off the field, drug issue in college. guy has talent. i wouldn't be surprised. >> he was spun like a top. chris johnson does that to guys. >> he runs a 4:25, forty. >> can they cut back on the penalties? rambo has unsportsman like. can they clean it up going into
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regular already season opener against the eagles? >> we talked about about rg3 not playing and kurt cousins starting. so many guys going down. by last count, over 55 guys lost for the season in the pre-season already. dolphins lose a tight end, he is out for the year. you want guys to stay healthy. couple of guys suspended. they lost adam character. >> you don't want to see anybody taken off the field. very good point. the net -- i am pushing panic button. >> you are pushing it now? it is almost september! >> tucker said they were going to run the table. >> he is delusional.
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tucker barnes, what does he know about the mat? >> one thing i will say about the nats, keep losing in breaking fashion, ninth inning, they score hard, problems in the bullpen, some years you have it, some years you don't. they just don't have it. >> you saw the frustration, when they got into it in the dugout. long season, nothing going right. these guys are frustrated. >> they can shut down stephen strasburg. >> good point. [laughter]. >> on that note, we are going to
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shut it down. thanks, fellas. >> see you next hour. it is 7:22 on this monday morning. coming up, lucky to be alived, a basketball game almost ends in tragedy if not for a quick thinking rec employee. >> and some handy tips on home improvementment. at ikea, we don't just design furniture.
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we design good mornings. little experiments. big ideas. brighter ways. and better tomorrows you can take home today. imagine if everyday was just a little bit better for everyone.
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>> a d.c. rec employee saved a man's life. >> it was during a basketball tournament. a man collapsed. the employee doesn't consider herself a hero. >> i give all the praise to god.
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without him, he did it. i did the work of the will of the lord. that is all. >> it is believed the man had a seizure. newton says all rec center employees have to be certified in cpr. red cross says 70% don't know cpr or forgotten their training. >> i had a very scary episode in a restaurant with my daughter a couple of weeks ago. i had forgotten because i was so panicked. i stood up and said i need help. it can be a scary moment. i understand. good for you. still ahead in our next half hour, turmoil in egypt. >> mideast expert is here and why the white house response has been so handsoff. >> first that is urbana high school in fredrick.
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you know what time it is? >> yes. back to school. >> school looks great. school grounds look wonderful. we are going to have back to school forecast when we come back, it is 7:27. 
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♪ >> fredrick county maryland one of the districts going back today. that is a picture of urbana high school. >> i love that green roof. >> i was looking at the wrong monitor. absolutely right. >> so excited. beautiful. >> schools are nice now. >> atrium in the middle. >> my high school was nice. >> mine was, too, we didn't have air. >> you didn't. >> my was a circle, they tore it down and built a new one. >> i win, best high school. >> we are going to have a rematch. >> i am going to come.
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i don't play anymore. i think everybody knows what happened. i got elbowed in the face. i don't play anymore. she ruined it for me. >> redskins forecast, a lot of people headed out to enjoy first game of the season. >> pre-season. >> first game of the season at home. still counts. >> annie will be along to show the clear purses she made. >> you don't carry a purse. >> you are right. mostly cloudy, warm temperatures, 75-80. threat of a few showers. threat will be over when the game kicks off at 8:00. currently comfortable 66 this morning in washington, 63
7:32 am
leonard town, baltimore 63°. culpeper, manassas, dulles, winchester, fog visibilities one-third of a mile. that fog will persist and lighten up. things should gradually improve visibility wise as we get into the mid-morning. mostly cloudy conditions. we have threat of showers down to the south, not all of that is going to move in. we are going to see showers come pin wheeling. we are dealing with the upper level piece of energy to the west. as that comes through, we have the threat of showers. i don't think thunderstorms, what can we look forward to the rest of the week? we are going to clear that front out. up near 90 by tomorrow and much of the week, temperature, near 90. 82 today.
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scattered showers. bring umbrella. winds south 5-10. 67 tonight, partly cloudy patchy fog. much warmer tomorrow, upper 80s. more humidity as well midweek and behind a front on friday, less humid. that is the forecast. let's find out about the roads? >> absolutely. we have a question for wisdom, are you going to be able to stay awake and watch the skins? >> no. i am going to bed at regular time. >> 6:00. >> all right. wisdom will be the only one with both eyes open. southbound slowing 29 miles an hour. no accidents, just -- we have congesti
7:34 am
congestion, super bowl on baltimore-washington parkway, 43 miles an hour, 95 a better run. keep your eyes peeled for pedestrian traffic and yellow buses. let's continue with the cameras, accident activity before george avenue, tmc turned this camera around. we have a backup working your way passed the scene between university and cullsville road, eastbound 66 no accidents from vienna. i-95, lanes open. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you, julie. overseas, now in egypt, more violence marks the start of a new week. nearly a thousand people have died in the last five days alone. united states and european union considering cutting off aid. we are joined by rod stefani, an
7:35 am
expert in the mideast. rob, it is nice to have you. >> thank you, allison. >> i was going to start by asking why do we care as regular everyday citizens going to work? let me ask you about that number, a thousand people in five days who is dying now? is it only people protesting? who is dying civilians? who is dying? >> it is a combination, allison. civilians, people that support former president morsi. people who don't like president morsi. this morning 25 policemen excused by extremist in sinai. unfortunately things are deteriorating in egypt. >> when we think of egypt, beautiful tourist spots, that is a destination for many of us to see the pyramids, if you will.
7:36 am
we are looking at the violence, i have to ask what is it like for people who have lived in a normal peaceful space now gun fire and violence? >> interesting you say that, allison, 10% of egypt's economy is tourism. that has been a huge blow to the economy. president mubarak ruled egypt 30 years, he is gone. it opened up a space, a vacuum, with him gone, it has given an opportunity for every aspect of society to claim a piece of the political arena. we are unfortunately seeing clashes. civil society was not able to foster itself. so unfortunately this is what we are seeing today. >> which is a bittersweet catch
7:37 am
22 type of situation to pull in all the cliches. weren't happy with mubarak, open elections, morsi put into power, now this. tell us the player, we know the muslim brotherhood. who is on the opposing side? >> mr. alberday who won the nobel peace prize. you mentioned mubarak and dilemma. i think if the united states tried to work with mubarak on a transition. seemed to the people in the region, i met with many of the leaders, they felt the united states pushed mubarak out the door too fast. it caused a spiral. i think this is a good lesson for the united states when we look at the region, let's work
7:38 am
with the leaders behind the scenes on reform. let's push them towards this reform. we need to do with good diplomacy. >> what is life for them like right now? >> life is getting tougher. egypt the larger importer of wheat. egypt economic growth 7%. it is now dipped to 2%. egypt has had to draw down foreign reserves. they are desperate. if things don't get better, it is going to spiral even worse. what the united states should do now, here is an opportunity for president obama invite the leaders of saudi arabia, kuwait,
7:39 am
united arab emirates, sit down the table, hash out plan for egypt, at the end of the day it is economics. 20% of egypt live under poverty. >> let me ask you this, if you could, rob, why should we care? >> because as egypt goes, so goes the arab world. if there is terrorism in egypt there is terrorism in mideast. >> rob, always wonderful to talk to you, we'll be right back. at ikea, we don't just design furniture.
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we design good mornings. little experiments. big ideas. brighter ways. and better tomorrows you can take home today. imagine if everyday was just a little bit better for everyone.
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>> welcome back everybody, oprah winfrey, let's say she had a good weekend. >> aren't they all good? winfrey is back, co-starring on "the butler" a white house butler served eight presidents. winfrey plays the title character's wife. back in the movies. >> oprah is smoking a cigarette on screen. >> i was like that is interesting. >> it is the time.
7:43 am
i remember people just smoking at work. you'd be at your -- you know. it was a different era. >> you could drink at work, too. >> i don't remember that. >> so the kids are going back. school districts going back. >> when do yours go back? >> next monday. >> let's do your forecast, going to the red skin game. little warmer than yesterday, only 74 for daytime high. temperatures have been a few degrees below average. haven't been many in the five or six years. so far this month, our temperatures cooler, 68 new york city. 63 out in columbus. future cast, lots of clouds for
7:44 am
your monday. we'll see scattered showers break out. best chance this afternoon. not going to be a washout. you can see by 4:00, few showers breaking out, upper level piece of energy coming through in the wake of that system from yesterday. we'll be dealing with that. should clear out, 8:00 redskins kickoff. we should clear out later tonight. hot and sunny wednesday, thursday, friday, with a few scattered storms. >> we need a strong week in my house with warm close temps to hit the pool a few more times. >> yes. we need a couple of days, water
7:45 am
is warm, we can high dive. you know. >> i like how you can talking to tucker like you can place an order. [laughter]. okay, tucker, got my order? combo no. 1 sunshine. [laughter]. i thought tucker was the man, thought he could do anything. >> inner loop of the beltway, no issues coming in from st. barn bus road. eastbound 66, no accidents. traffic loosing up in manassas headed to 123. inbound new york avenue headed to third street tunnel. no issues to record leaving east capitol street. just a reminder, gates open at 4:00 at rfk. i have the right team, but not
7:46 am
the right stadium. for fed ex fans, gates open at 4:00. in virginia, i-95, no accidents leaving stafford. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> later we'll go to highs. thanks so much. >> time 7:47 on this monday morning. lesson in home improvement. >> holly, good morning. >> good morning to you. we are at a remodeling company that just remodeled. maybe you should too. we are in bethesda, we have updates on your kitchen and bath stay with us.
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>> remember that song? back in the day. feeling a little brave? brave enough to tackle a home improvement project on your own? >> i am scared, holly. holly is at case design and remodeling in bethesda. i am not brave enough. >> me, either. i am taking notes. >> i always say i just have to know the people that know how to do it. there are a lot of people that do it on their own. if you are going to get advice, go to the people that know how to do it, that is definitely case home design and improvement
7:51 am
this is son, bruce case, president of case design and remodeling. thank you for being here. you are the largest full service in the washington area which is impressive. we found it funny you found it time to do remodeling yourself. >> we sure did. >> what did you feel like you needed to do? >> we wanted to take a whoem different approach to the to the selection process in a very segmented thoughtful way. >> let's head in to the design center. how is remodeling this days? what is the state in our area. >> home values strong. people put a lot into their homes. they work hard here, they want to relax and have an oasis. remodeling has been like
7:52 am
jewelry. >> when people are starting a project, what are the things they need to think about out front? >> think about somebody you can trust, somebody you can work with. remodeling is a service more so than a product. a lot of people think it is a product. >> the thing i find sometimes there are so many options. >> you want someone to help you, that you can trust. >> first thing people should think about is physical space, does it work for them. >> is this what you are talking about in terms of design? >> i like to think about it as accessibility, multigenerational, a young child with height issues and acce accessibility to different parts of your house. >> different height counter
7:53 am
tops. maybe one height is better for kids or a wheelchair, it can be done in a tasteful integrated way. >> aging in place, what does that mean in terms of universal design? >> as people age, most people want to stay in their home and have safety and independence. >> seems like for a long time we were making decisions based on resale. >> certainly, that is a part, but a big part, this is my home. let me think ahead, whether it is different polls or counter tops or futures like that. >> that is true. i wasn't thinking about that. that makes sense. what about green, what options are we talking about there? >> different shades of grade.
7:54 am
we like to work in a level organically, we have recycled bamboo cabinets, different led lights. we have 20 different kinds of light so people can see the different lights. >> from start to finish, how long does a kitchen take? >> a kitchen, beginning to end, thoughtfully done, might take a couple of months, depending on what it is, couple of weeks, could be up to a month. >> i want people's expectations to be on par. however long you think it is going to take, it is going to take twice as much and also cost twice as much. >> key there is spending the time up front. think it through, not only the price and money you are going to
7:55 am
invest, but the products, get them there in a pile. when you hear the nightmare stories that is when it hasn't been thought through. >> tell us about your fillen tlopic part? >> it is called case cares. whether it is building a home in fredrick, maryland or redoing the exterior. >> thank you for that. we have a link to case design and remodeling. coming up in our next hour, we are going to talk about the trends today in terms of kitchen and bath options. back to y'all in the studio. >> you are talking my language. i need both of that, kitchen and bathroom, thank you, holly. our fan of the day, lelani.
7:56 am
post a comment below her picture. >> just a reminder, the nation commemorates the march on washington. send us pictures, e-mail us at tweet us at mymarchdc. or facebook, we'll share your stories over the next couple of weeks. time now 7:57. 
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"i'm tererry mcauliffe, candidae for governor, and i sponsored this ad." it's been called "cuccinelli's witch hunt" "designed to intimidate and suppress" ken cuccinelli used taxpayer funds to investigate a uva professor whose research on climate change cuccinelli opposed. cuccinelli, a climate change denier, forced the university to spend over half a million dollars defending itself against it's own attorney general. ken cuccinelli. he's focused on his own agenda. not us. tweet us at 
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>> ahead at 8:00, a northern virginia community, a trial begins for murder of 19-year-old van neessa fam. a scare in the sky, emergency desession made and reaction from passengers this morning. and hurry, hurry kids, time to catch the bus, we are live with new ceo.
8:00 am
how they plan to turn things around this year. good monday morning, i am allison seymour. >> i am sarah simmons in for tony perkins. tucker barnes is in with the weather. >> i think most of the kids are on the way. 8:00. forecast looks so, so today. mostly cloudy. >> it is a good day to be in class. >> it is a great day to be in class. heat is coming back, 80s. by tomorrow, up near 90. we'll have around 90 for much of the week as the heat and humidity are moving back in. 67 reagan international. a lot of fog, royal, manassas, dulles. dulles now 63°, bwi marshal 67.
8:01 am
a lot of rain to our south into virginia and north carolina at the moment. later today, shower activity will make its way in here. widely scattered showers. we are going to warm things up with more sunshine in the forecast. 82, still 8° warmer than yesterdays. >> little more like summertime. tu tucker, thank you very much. now on time traffic with julie wright. >> all right. kids are back in school. there is a change in our traffic patterns lighter than usual patterns out of prince george county. no issues out of route 50. on the west side of town, schools in faulkner and clark county went back to school. inbound new york avenue, lanes
8:02 am
open continuing out to the third street tunnel. south side of the beltway, back to school, leaving new hampshire avenue continuing through silver springs, southbound baltimore avenue is slow. nice easy drive out of german town. northbound i-95 quiet as well. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> all right, julie, thanks. in two hours, the trial for the man accused of killing vanessa fam. julio garcia is accused of stabbing her to death. he was high on pcp and enraged
8:03 am
when fam took a wrong turn. this is the first time in nearly 20 years that cameras are allowed. trial expected to last two weeks. later today, military judge overseeing bradley manning trial, he has been found guilty after sending documents to wikileaks, the website. he was working in iraq as an intelligent analyst. he faces maximum of 90 years in prison. in edward snowden affa affair, a reporter that broke the nsa snooping story says his partner detained in london. glenn agr greenville -- he was
8:04 am
questioned nine hours and never skl him. miranda released without charges. still no word on what caused a jetblue plane flight 827 from boston to bwi around 6:00 p.m. touched down. none of the crew members hurt. crew smelled smoke and diverted the flight to philadelphia as a precaution. fox 5 spoke to them. take a listen. >> i could smell smoke. i could not see it. i heard someone else say they thought it smelled like a rubbery smoke. they opened up the doors and slides inflated. i saw passengers exit from the
8:05 am
wing of the plane. >> passengers were eventually put on other planes headed to our area. >> scary times in the air lately. attorneys for governor bob mcdonald. lawyers are try to convince justice department not to file charges in the gift scandal c e case. as we said earlier, time to hit the books for kids in prince george, fredrick, faulkner county and morgan county in west virginia. prince george's county dr. kevin maxwell hand picked by baker. we'll chat live with more
8:06 am
initiatives including expanded pre-k classrooms. >> ahead this half hour, improvements to local intersection that has seen its fair share of accidents. >> later we are talking with the junkies at the redskins. it is 8:07, we will be right back. 
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[ female announcer ] wherever morning brings you, bring the energy you need. new nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares. softly baked. made with hearty oatmeal and a drizzle of cinnamon. they're nature valley's brand new take on a morning classic. because when you keep going, the morning can bring you to brand new places. ♪ nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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>> it is the start of many schools in area. >> hi, good morning, allison, school is just about getting underway. we saw the parade of students i love seeing elementary kids in
8:10 am
their school uniforms. they look perfectly polished and pressed and ready to start a new school year. a lot of things happening in prince george county. new ceo dr. kevin maxwell. interesting you are a ceo not superintendent, does that mean anything? >> when they wrote the legislation, they just changed the name. responsibilities are the same. additional responsibilities in terms of working with county government which will be a good thing for our school district. >> you have a long history in prince george county school's, what are the top three things from your personal experience on your agenda? >> first and foremost, being highly visible and seeing things for myself. this isn't the only school visit. i am doing five today.
8:11 am
i am going to visit all 204 schools, see what the school size and instructional delivery and curriculum looks like. i think that is important. secondly, we are going to refocus our goals on achievement. certainly there is a good foundation. no question the school district is improving. it is too far below most of the school districts in the state and looking to close the gap between this district and other districts in the states. thirdly, a lot of additional programs and in the expansion of popular ones. we are going to look at our capacity for those kinds of changes. >> all right. you do have students in prince george, underachieving and high achieving students that need needs met, too. >> exactly. we are here for all children and
8:12 am
want to provide for them. we have students going to the finest colleges and universities we have in the united states. yes, we have students underachieving. just like we differentiate for students in a classroom, maybe i didn't get that geometry concept, we need to differentiate between our schools as well to make sure we have the right programming. >> also new is the pilot program, transforming neighborhoods initiative, full day pre-kindergarten for four year olds in eight schools. is it a goal to expand that? >> i would love to see the funding for all day kindergarten. i think pre-kindergarten would be a boom for us. certainly starting in our
8:13 am
neediest communities is the right place to start. transforming neighborhoods initiative mr. baker has started is a good relationship providing additional people to act as mentors will be good for us. the collaboration between agencies like social services and mental health will be good for our school district and county. it is going to be an exciting school year. >> you mentioned test scores and curriculum and tests not matching up. seems like that is important. prince george county, they are going to be measuring your performance and baker's performance on test scores. >> test scores are important, reading and math is important. you are right, we are in this transition period as we transition to the common core, they are not well aligned with the maryland assessment.
8:14 am
in the short term, we are going to see a dip in the scores. there are other scores, gpa, advance placement scores, sat scores. i want to emphasize while the scores are important, there are other things important, too. band, the arts, music, athletics, the chess club, student government, they are what make schools what they are. >> we thank you for your time this morn as the first bell is ringing. i can't believe the school year is starting. you plan to be here a while? >> i lived in the county since i was seven years old, finished high school, phd from umbc. i plan on being here. it is where my home is. >> i am sure everyone is happy to welcome you back.
8:15 am
thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, mel. we asked everyone for their back to school selfies. you are delivering for us. this is trinity. she is on her way to third grade. >> i would have thought she was a little older. >> i would, too. >> look at her little pose. >> we said parents could take a picture, too. >> love the backpack, trinity. it is cute. >> she is looks great. great first day. a reminder to high school students heading back today, we want to see your back to school selfies, tweet your pictures to @myfoxdc. send it. ♪
8:16 am
right now at 8:16, the latest on the head lines and other cute pictures, too, don't we. little pictures. good morning. >> good morning allison, sarah. my first photo of the day. this is -- this is gabby everyone. what a beautiful picture. >> gabby just turned three years old. this picture is from her birthday. the birthday photo shoot. >> really? >> they are upgrading from the old ollin mills. >> my bugs bunny cake and that was it. >> times have changed.
8:17 am
gabby, we love your picture, smile and outfit. >> look at the retouching. >> and look at the cowboy boots. >> go to, send us your child's picture. school bus forecast, soon enough, partly to mostly cloudy conditions, temperatures in the 60s. we are going to top out about 80 this afternoon with the clouds hanging tough for a good part of the day. 66 washington, 67 baltimore, 66 in culpeper. you have had fog overnight, culpeper. regional temperatures, 60 up into new england. 69 in boston. still doing a lot of cloud cover, boston down to new york, d.c. down to the carolinas where the rain picks up.
8:18 am
rain will speak to the north. that is an upper level low. gradual improvement and back into the summer heat and humidity. upper 80s. if you are going to redskins, good shape temperatures into the 70. those of you that like summertime, 90s this week. julie, over to you? >> game tonight over at fedex field, allison seymour, anticipate that trip home. a lot of folks excited kids are getting out of school. that is going to stretch the gridlock. with the gates opening at 4:00, anticipate a lot of tailgating. lanes open i-95 wood bridge to
8:19 am
newington. fair oaks, eastbound 66 in great shape headed to the capitol beltway. on the topside of the beltway, that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> julie, thanks, dangerous intersection gets a major makeover just in time for the school year. we'll show you the changes. >> plus redesigning your home. it is a big task. it can be easier than you think. holly morris is with case designing. time is 8:20 on this monday. 
8:20 am
8:21 am
"i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." it's been called "cuccinelli's witch hunt" "designed to intimidate and suppress" ken cuccinelli used taxpayer funds to investigate a uva professor whose research on climate change cuccinelli opposed. cuccinelli, a climate change denier, forced the university to spend over half a million dollars defending itself against it's own attorney general. ken cuccinelli. he's focused on his own agenda. not us.
8:22 am
>> 8:23, monday morning, welcome back. there is an on going safety overhaul to make sure everyone stays safe in and outside of classroom. >> prince george leads the state in deadly county crashes.
8:23 am
twelve pedestrian deaths, now new $180,000 crossing signal is making it easier. >> you had to look at that light making sure it was red and worry about if they are speeding or not and look at that light all the way down there to make sure they are not speeding and with a baby, it is way harder. >> besides the signal, new signs and flashing lights to warn drivers of the upcoming pedestrian crossing. >> it appears the ambulance fires were caused by malfunctions or poorly done repairs. both reports completed before deputy mayor paul quaneder. the investigation is expected to take time and internal reports
8:24 am
do not rule out possibility of tampering. meanwhile, events to commemorate 50th anniversary of march on washington begin later this week. we need you to help us tell the story, were you at the march? how about your parents or gra grandparen grandparents? you can e-mail us at also tweet us at@mymarchdc. or facebook. stay tuned to hear one woman's march story in our 9:00 hour. >> spinning out of control with egypt swept up in major violence turn attention to america's roles. >> should we cut aid? we are going to talk to brett bare about that coming up next. time now is 8:25 on this monday
8:25 am
morning. ♪
8:26 am
looks like you started to make something. ♪ oh, a green! ♪
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>> great way to wake up every morning with that sound track. >> hit the restart button. it is 8:29. the song is saying one thing. >> fog off to south and west. we'll see a few periods of sunshine here and there. we have to depend on your outfit. let's get to the numbers. we haven't budged, cloud cover and fog put the numbers up. 67 in washington. 64 leonard town.
8:29 am
fredricksburg 64. 66 in culpeper. visibilities were down to one-third of a mile. yesterday low 70s. today, low 80s in town this afternoon. satellite radar, a lot of rain into southern virginia and carolina. most of the activity stays to the south. upper level piece of energy speep sweeps on through. bring an umbrella if you are out and about. going to the redskins game, 8:00, should be dry. should be east of us. here we are at 8:00 a.m., at 5:00, few scattered showers. by 8:00, 9:00, might be partly cloudy in time for the game.
8:30 am
back in the sunshine tomorrow along with much warmer temperatures, 90s for much of the week. seven-day forecast 82, near 90 weds, thursday, friday. that is weather, allison. >> thank you, tucker. as the bloodshed continues in egypt, all eyes turning to the obama administration and congress. should the united states stop military aid delivery for egypt scheduled for next month. let's talk with brett bare. happy monday. >> good morning, allison. >> you know, i have to ask, there is a lot of talk about this word "coo" it has deep meaning and ramifications when it comes to stopping aid. what should we be doing now? >> that is true. definition of military coo, take
8:31 am
over of mohammed morsi by all accounts fits that definition a military coo. u.s. cannot be providing 1.6 billion dollars in aid to this interim government until it has another election. there are a lot of calls to suspend the aid, allison. you have the added interest that egypt announcement mubarak is going to be released by the government. that is not going to quail any of the protests on the ground. >> great britain is threatening to reassess their relationship with egypt. egypt is a great ally of the united states, should we too be
8:32 am
reassessing our relationship you know, it is hard to understand where we should be right now. the obama administration getting a lot of criticism, hey, where should we be right now? >> that's right. two senators, john mccain and lindsey graham, frequent critics of obama administration, they are stinging rebukes on egypt specifically seem to be a new level of criticism saying the u.s. is looking weak, that we are not taking an engaged role in the middle east and policy is not there. administration says they are engaged with egypt, they say they are engaged with syria, as far as helping rebels and oust president assad and restarting the peace process and that is their come back.
8:33 am
it is a dangerous situation in cairo. >> before we let you go, tell us the ramifications, ripple effects of civil unrest in egypt, what does this matter for us in the united states? >> egypt is a lynch pin for the middle east. a lot of gulf states look to egypt because it is so large and so big not only in square footage and mileage but because of its influence in the middle east. they look to that as a barometer as how it is going. the muslim brotherhood if it was able to establish the dictatorship could have started a domino effect throughout the middle east. >> brett, thank you i know you will be talking about this, thank you very much. >> thanks, allison. >> sarah, over to you. >> thanks, allison, still to come, death threats on twitter,
8:34 am
how a fight between lady gaga and perez hilton is getting dangerous. the new move vi with lee daniels "the butler "coming up in a minute. 
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
>> have you heard about this, sarah? >> no. >> lady gaga and perez used to be friends. now they are locked in a twitter fight. it started when katy perry's song was better. folks listen to perez hilton. things turned up with gaga accused him that he was looking to move into her apartment building. i am surprised. perez hilton said he started receiving death threats from gaga fans. "little monsters" is what they are calling. the stocking communications are
8:38 am
not true. >> can you not just say i don't like the song? >> if she felt like they were friends she was being, you know. >> no more pictures like this one, which might be okay. >> kind of strange. >> no politics at the white house. >> lee daniels, "the butler" hooked up the competition in opening weekend. new bio pic picked up top spot second "we are the millers" and third over 13 million. "the butler" doing well. have you seen it? >> not yet. did you? >> i did not. doing other stuff over the weekend. i think it is great. it is something i will go see.
8:39 am
>> i will, not with all my closest friends. speaking of going to the movie theatre. local theatre is the target of social media backlash after movie goer accused of racial profiling. >> this was saturday in silver springs. twitter user by the name "tiffany flowers" went on the website asking why the theatre had armed guards. user said they had their tickets checked twice. she insinuated it was in response to the largely african-american crowd. a regal spokesman issued a statement saying the theatre routinely adds extra security to insure safety. a spokesman said no one else complained. you do sometimes see. maybe a story behind that.
8:40 am
maybe the theatre has had issues in the past possibly. there could be more. >> both sides, therepre-season redskins host the steelers. what fans can expect with the junkies from 106.7 >> first holly morris with remodeling. >> we are talking back splashes, cabinets, what is the general color and feel you want? a lot of decisions. we are getting help from case remodeling and design in bethesda. what is hot and what are the trends next? stay with us. >> and 8:41 right now. high above a school laurel elementary school. this is sky fox bringing live pictures. the kids are heading back. you can see them lining up
8:41 am
outside. always exciting that first day back. lots of those over the next several weeks. we'll continue to keep an eye on things. watch the little ones. back after this. 
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> pittsburgh is coming to town tonight. players still fighting for a spot are hoping to shine. >> let's catch up with junkies on 106.7. it is the ladies again, by the way. [applause] [laughter]. let's talk about the redskins and steelers game tonight. who are the key players we need to watch and get an idea? >> most of the starting jobs are locked in. now you are looking at back up roles, trent williams, tom compton young secondary guys
8:45 am
rambo, am orson and guys like fred davis, roy halue see if they get more run tonight. probably see the young guys, jameson and thompson, rooking running backs against the steelers. >> don't minimize the quarterbacks. there are reports about robert griffin iii. i think all eyes are on kurt cousins. >> sarah, you can give us the
8:46 am
wrap up. >> i don't have anything to wear yet, what am i supposed to wear? >> a summer dress, new, light, summery as we celebrate your beautifulness. wear nice heels. >> nice wedges. >> not wedge? >> no, no, wedges are good. >> we like our wedges. let's talk about this new study out about nfl fans how are we coming in behind dallas and ravens at no. 13 for most royal fans. >> it is emery sports marketing plan. >> when the redskins have had bad seasons, there have been 20,000 steeler fans at fedex field. there have been ravens. redskins aren't as passionate at
8:47 am
steelers of ravens or even cowboy fields. our fan base is loyal, there are others bigger across the legal. can't argue with cowboys in two billion stadium. >> it is impossible to win in seattle. i don't put any stock into this >> we want your take on a-rod, someone is trying to take him out of the game, whether throw something at him or the controversy. >> red sox don't like yankees. they have been vocal about him playing during the suspension.
8:48 am
there is due process. the pitcher for the red sox heavily involved in the union and sent a message to a-rod. as a red sox fan it backfired. >> red sox manager said it was an accident. >> an accident? he hit him three out of three times. >> bottom line, everybody on the planet hates a-rod. they are ready for him to go away. everybody is stick of him. >> again, girls [laughter] these players are all protected by the same union. if brian defrpston had the same problem, he would play. it is hypocritical for them to be upset.
8:49 am
what a-rod did goes above and beyond. >> that is true. >> we have to end it there. see you friday. smooches, bye guys. >> junkies from 106.7. >> if you don't have the time or money, you can spruce up a single room. >> holly morris is at case design and remodeling in bethesda, holly, if they need a home to practice on, give them my number. >> you are right, kitchen and bath ideas are huge. when you are talking trends, we are at case design and remodeling. lisa mcgee is the project
8:50 am
manager. when you are remodeling, how trendy do you want to be? >> we have a lot of more traditional homes in bethesda and metro d.c. area. people are trying to find things that will fit with their architecture. we have to be aware of the balance if we want more conte t contemporary elements into a space. we have a number of different popular cabinet styles. >> we are starting here with the kitchen. do you start with the cabinet? >> we generally would start with something more, i guess, solid. we it would start with the counter tops. >> what are you seeing? >> we are seeing a lot more courts. >> granite, stainless steel.
8:51 am
people are moving more towards quartz. this looks like marble. it is a man made material. quartz are going to last longer. >> pick your counter top, then back splash or cabinet? >> cabinet. counter top, cabinet, they usually come together. >> we are we seeing in cabinet ri? >> we are seeing a lot more of the traditional door styles which will have a raised panel, intricate carved panel. we are seeing slab door style. >> simpler, more contemporarcon.
8:52 am
cabinets, then back splash? >> we are seeing a lot of the glass mosaic tiles. >> is that something that with stand the test of time or next few years? >> i have seen the smaller 1x1 tiles. we are seeing the random patterns, some of the more geometric shapes. >> what about in terms of overall color? darker cabinets, righter cabinets now? >> there is a lot of contrast. you'll see a lot of dark with light. i wouldn't say it is one way or the other. >> they might do their counter top in one and island counter top in something else not necessarily all the same.
8:53 am
>> right, right. a lot of multiple finishes, whether it is different counter tops, different cabinets or even maybe upper cabinets will be a dark color and lower cabinets a lighter color. >> really, you can't make a mistake. you have something set up. what is this supposed to help? >> we have a lot of things built into place. what is nice about this particular space, the ability to pull out one of a hundred different door styles and put it in combination with counter tops and tiles. what i have done is pull out different counter top materials, back splash tile as well as the cabinet and different flooring material. >> this is a good way to put it together like a puzzle and see how the different elements blend together. if there is one area you could save money on, what would it be
8:54 am
and one area to splurge on? >> cabinetry is the most expensive part of the a kitchen project, for example, if you are not ultra concerned about the way the box is constructed you can get less custom cabinet that might not have as many options for the way the actual frame and box work is together. >> gotcha. has the case design. we are going to move on to home automation. we'll hear about that in our 9:00 hour. back to you in the studio. >> holly, thank you. nearly 50 years after the march on washington, one local woman that witnessed history live is here to share her story.
8:55 am
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>> welcome back to "fox 5 morning news" everybody on a monday morning. good morning, kids, it is they are in their little classrooms. >> we hope so, getting their learning on. >> prince george, morgan county, fauquier, you are all back in class, welcome back to school. >> back to school back to learning, we have a new ceo. we have talked about to him this morning. cool. >> okay. also we talked about about new leadership and princess diana,
8:59 am
more information about princess diana and her death. we are talking about her. we haven't seen her in the news. shocking allegation 15 years after the death of princess di, new clues. later, as a pet owner, wisdom, we all wants to talk to our animals. >> okay. how is that working out? >> we didn't have the help of pet communicator, we do thanks to annie. we are going to learn how to communicate. >> excellent. we want to communicate with our two-legged friends. >> i don't need a communicator. >> my dog speaks english. >> seriously, tucker. you didn't just say


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